New Dimensions of Christ Church - You Can Do All Things Through Christ Jesus-Phil. 4:13


                Healing Revival

                         September 12, 2015

    Century II Convention Center
                                           225 West Douglas
                                        Wichita, Kansas 67202

          I have sent the Word to Heal them of destruction and an early grave Psalms 107:20
God has Healed Cancer in our ministry
Fibromyalgia has been Healed
The Power of the Holy Spirit has removed Critical Back Pain
Infection of the Leg has been Healed that required Surgery
Pain from Wrist Replacement Surgery was Healed
Bleeding Ulcer has been Healed
                   September 12, 2015 at Century II Convention Center
                                    225 West Douglas
                                    Wichita, Ks. 67202
                              Call 316-992-4297 for details
                     Come Expecting Your Personal Miracle from the Power of God
                          Pastor Rovilla can be reached at 316-9924297
                                            Come Believing and God Will Supply Your Needs
                                                                   Philippians 4:19
                                           Eliminating Fear in Your Life Through God's Word
                                           is published by New Dimensions Church, and you can
                                           purchase this book at Perfect Peace Book Stores.
                                           604 N. Tyler Road Or 2020 N. Woodlawn or Call
                                          316-992-4297 to order my telephone. 
 Have You Been Told By Your Doctor That There is No Hope for Your Illness or Disease?  It is Time That You Come in Faith to the Healing Revival, Where Many People Have Been divinely Healed By the Power of God.
   Come to the meeting August 1,2015
come expecting your personal miracle and God will do the rest.
Bone Cancer Healed
Infection of the Leg and Foot Healed 
Arthritis Healed  
Migraine Headaches Healed
Fibromyalgia Healed
Chronic Back Pain Healed 
Brest Cancer Healed 
Ovarian Cancer Healed
Allergies Healed

Healing Happens in the Presence of God
Bring Your Faith to Him and He Will honor That Faith
                                                            With Healing Your Body

Our Next Meeting
September 12, 2015

                                                                                                                                                                                                 Century II Convention Center 
                                                  225  West Douglas
                                                  Wichita, Ks. 67201
                   Prophetof The Hour
                        Mike Bassett
                     Conditions Healed
 Brain Concussion Healed
Migraine Headaches Healed
Breast Cancer Healed

To Contact Pastor Rovilla By Phone
Call 316-992-4297  

                                  Just Come Believing in God to Deliver You 
                                                                   And He Will

"Come and Experience the Book of Acts Faith and Power" 
 It's The Word of God  that Heals

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